We are an independent marine conservation organization driven by a team of scientists, conservationists, activists, communicators and policy experts that converge for the protection and restoration of the ocean.

Our Vision:

“What once was, may be once again”

We envision a relationship of ecological awareness between the people and the sea; where human hearts are rewilded, generating a common future for all forms of life to thrive.

Our Mission:

“Restore all we can and protect what is left”

We seek to create and implement effective conservation strategies that protect and restore the ocean and our connectedness to it.

Our Approach:

We believe it is urgent to stop depending on big solutions in order to address the ecological crises we are facing. Although the challenges may appear similar worldwide, every territory and every culture is different. If we want to create long lasting solutions we need to rely on diversity and creativity. To do so, we formed an interdisciplinary team that works in close collaboration with local communities to protect the ocean.

Our approach is based on 4 pillars: Science & Conservation, Policy & Advocacy, Community stewardship, Impact communication & Activism.

Media Contact: Lara Gutierrez Bustamante
Media Contact Email: [email protected]
Media Contact Phone: +54 11 5 7090282