Did you know that a 10th wedding anniversary was traditionally celebrated with a gift of tin or aluminum? Today, that gift isn’t considered the trendy way to celebrate such an important milestone.  And neither are we.  We focus on just one trend: increasing ocean conservation and awareness—and the ways we all can work to protect this vast resource so that we can continue to celebrate it forever.

Unfortunately, there is a way that tin and aluminum play a part in our 10th Anniversary.

Can left on the beach

Each year, trash in the ocean kills more than one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles when they ingest or become entangled in it, according to Ocean Conservancy.  About two thirds of the trash found in the ocean is aluminum, steel or tin cans.  It can take these cans up to 50 years to decompose in the ocean! We do not want to be celebrating our 50thAnniversary with that same tin can that was dumped 10 years ago still resting on the ocean’s floor.

At The Ocean Foundation, we believe in supporting the solutions, tracking the harm, and educating anyone who can become part of the solution now – every one of us, in fact. Our mission remains to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.  We are excited to have produced great mission-related results over the past 10 years through the work of our projects, grantors, grantees, donors, funders and supporters. Still, less than 5% of environmental funding goes to support the protection of 70% of the planet on which 100% of us live.  Statistics like these help remind us how important our work is and how we can’t do it alone.  Since our inception ten years ago we have been able to achieve a lot:

  • The number of local marine conservation partner projects hosted by us has grown 26 percent annually
  • The Ocean Foundation has spent $21 million on marine conservation to protect marine habitats and species of concern, build marine conservation community capacity and expand ocean literacy.
  • Our three sea turtle funds as well as our sponsored projects have directly saved thousands of turtles and have successfully brought the black sea turtle back from the brink of extinction.

Pacific Black Sea Turtle

What tin symbolizes as a gift rings true to us though. It has been said that tin was selected as a gift because it represents the flexibility of a good relationship; the give and take that makes a relationship strong or that is symbolizes preservation and longevity. We have spent the last 10 years fighting to preserve the longevity of our ocean and its resources.  And, we will continue to work with and for the ocean in order to improve our relationship.

Please consider making a 10th Anniversary tax-deductible gift to The Ocean Foundation so that we can build on our past achievements this year and in the years to come. Any contribution, whether by mail or online will be greatly appreciated and wisely used.  As for those cans, recycle or redeem all you can find.  Maybe even put your spare change in one and donate the proceeds to TOF when it is full.  That is a trend we can all follow.The Ocean Foundation 10th Anniversary