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As the only community foundation for the ocean, we’re dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.

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Our focus is the ocean. And our community is every one of us who depends on it.

The ocean transcends all geographic boundaries, is responsible for producing at least every second breath we take, and covers 71% of the earth’s surface. For over 20 years, we’ve strived to bridge a philanthropy gap – which has historically given the ocean only 7% of environmental grantmaking, and ultimately, less than 1% of all philanthropy – to support the communities that need this funding for marine science and conservation the most. We were founded to help change this less-than-favorable ratio.

The Latest

Se anuncia la designación de los parques Nopoló y Loreto II, que proporcionan protección ecológica a un litoral prístino y biodiverso de Baja California Sur, México

El 16 de agostoth 2023, el Parque Nopoló y el Parque Loreto II fueron destinados a la conservación a través de dos decretos presidenciales para apoyar el desarrollo sustentable, el ecoturismo y la protección permanente del hábitat.

Our Impact On the Ocean

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A pie chart explaining the dollars that we have put towards the ocean as of 2022. 

To date, 84.1 million dollars have been funded for the ocean.

22 million dollars have been spent towards conserving habitats. 

19.6 million dollars have been spent towards building capacity. 

24.6 million dollars have been spent protecting species.

A pie chart that shows where our donors' money goes towards.

84% of donations go towards program services.

8.6% of donations go towards infrastructure and administration.

7.7% of donations go towards new ideas.


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